bht clinic turkey review

BHT Clinic Turkey Review

BHT hair transplantation clinic gives you the best value for your money. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, with a branch in sunny Antalya, BHT Clinic has lower prices than some of the competition. BHT makes a point of taking just a single patient per day, thus being one of the very few places in Turkey where the entire surgery is done by a licensed surgeon – Dr. Cevik. The clinic offers you a great opportunity to get superb hair transplantation results at an attractive price point. Dr. Cevik is also one of the only few surgeons operating using the Lateral Slit method. Read on for BHT Clinic Turkey review and see how it compares to other clinics in Turkey. This review looks at BHT Clinic Turkey based on Service Quality, Patient Comfort, Clinic Location, Prices and, of course, the Results.

About BHT Clinic Turkey

BHT Clinic Turkey aims to give its patients the best quality and results for a fair price. Indeed, the price level at BHT is somewhat lower than, for example, at getFUE Hair Clinic. BHT is part of an aesthetic surgery centre in Istanbul, Turkey, with a branch in Antalya. As such, hair restoration procedures are always carried out at certified operating rooms by a plastic surgeon, as mandated by law. The clinic has been in operation for 9 years and has recently moved to a location with newer, more advanced facilities. In fact, the location is brand new, so the resulting patient comfort level is high. BHT offers Manual Punch Implantation for all patients in Istanbul. Read more about BHT Clinic in Turkey on their website.

BHT Clinic Turkey Review

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BHT Clinic Turkey is a somewhat cheaper alternative to more expensive hair transplant doctors in Turkey. Nevertheless, the team has extensive experience in Follicular Unit Extraction procedures, specifically the Lateral Slit FUE method. BHT emphasises the fact, that the doctor only operates on a single patient every day, which is a rare find amongst the Turkish hair clinics. Dr. Cevik also offers mega sessions which are suitable for patients that need over 4000 grafts and have very strong donor areas.

BHT Clinic offers great prices for hair transplantation in Turkey. Patients are offered a number of all-inclusive packages, with transfers, accommodation and hospitalisation already factored into the price. Flights to Turkey are not included.

The team has been operating for 9 years, however the clinic just recently moved into its new facilities. BHT is based in a cosmetic surgery center in Antalya, so patients can simultaneously undergo other procedures in addition to hair transplantation.