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Reviews of Hair Transplantation Clinics in Turkey

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inside getFUE hair transplant clinic

Turkey’s Best: getFUE Review

getFUE Hair Clinic is one of the oldest and most reputable hair transplantation centers in Turkey. In operation since 2006, getFUE Hair Clinic specialises in the highest quality Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation procedures. Its dedication to superb service, patient comfort and quality have earned getFUE Hair Clinic the title of Turkey’s best hair transplant clinic. Read a detailed getFUE review below.

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bht clinic turkey review

BHT Clinic Turkey Review

BHT hair transplantation clinic gives you the best value for your money. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, with a branch in sunny Antalya, BHT Clinic has lower prices than some of the competition. BHT makes a point of taking just a single patient per day, thus being one of the very few places in Turkey where the entire surgery is done by a licensed surgeon – Dr. Cevik. The clinic offers you a great opportunity to get superb hair transplantation results at an attractive price point. Dr. Cevik is also one of the only few surgeons operating using the Lateral Slit method. Read on for BHT Clinic Turkey review and see how it compares to other clinics in Turkey.

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hair transplant center antalya reviews

Antalya Hair Transplant Center Review

A new, customer oriented hair transplant clinic in Antalya offers you good service and brand new facilities. The clinic might be young, but the surgeons have over 6 years of hair transplantation experience after working for a leading specialist in Istanbul. You can still get a great deal with Antalya HT Center and receive 1st class service at this clinic. Offering different hair transplant methods, this clinic manages to find the right solution for everyone. The price point compared to the competitors in Istanbul is higher, however, the premium is worth it. Antalya Hair Transplant Center constantly offers promotions for hair transplants and PRP therapy packages, those who are hunting for the best deal might just be in luck!

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