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Turkey’s Best: getFUE Review

getFUE Hair Clinic is one of the oldest and most reputable hair transplantation centers in Turkey. In operation since 2006, getFUE Hair Clinic specialises in the highest quality Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation procedures. Its dedication to superb service, patient comfort and quality have earned getFUE Hair Clinic the title of Turkey’s best hair transplant clinic. Read a detailed getFUE review below. This review is based on a combination of factors from real reviews by patients of this clinic. The clinic is rated based on the quality of the service they provide, patient comfort during the visit at the clinic, the convenience of the clinic’s location. We also take a look at the price levels at the clinic and compare these to the results achieved by the doctors.

getFUE Review Criteria


Various clinics provide different levels of service. For the majority, customer service is finished when the patient leaves the clinic after a procedure. Some clinics offer dedicated phone lines to patients and continue to help and guide patients even after their procedure.


Comfort is important, as travelling overseas for a medical procedure can be stressful and physically exhausting. Up-to-date facilities and seamless organisation can help reduce the stress and make the whole experience more appeasing. A personal touch can go a long way to make patients comfortable.


Proximity to airports is important for many patients. It is also important to consider whether the flights to the nearest airport require a layover. 60% of patients would choose a clinic which is located a direct flight away over one that requires a connecting flight. Furthermore, some cities, like Istanbul in Turkey, have extremely long transfer times from the airport to a clinic in the center of the city. Find out more about getFUE clinic’s location and read about hair transplantation in Antalya.


With prices for hair transplantation in Turkey, its very important to understand the principle of “you get what you pay for”. Investigating the reality behind low-cost clinics will reveal the real picture. Many clinics are not properly accredited. In Turkey, a low price procedure often indicates a simple fact – a hair transplant is done by a team of nurses where the doctor only does a primary consultation. Therefore, a price rating will involve weighting a clinic’s offer against the quoted price. Follow the link to see current getFUE prices for hair transplantation in Turkey.


Many clinics and doctors involved in hair transplantation post pictures of their previous patients. These show the patient before the transplant, and the results after the transplant. It is a good start to determining the level of results at a particular clinic. It is important to note, that results have to be evaluated taking into account a couple of things- the longevity, the suitability of the design of the hairline and graft distribution and appearance of the donor area after the transplant. See results of hair transplantation in Turkey with getFUE. Daily updates from the clinic and more hair transplant results are here.
Turkey's Best Hair Transplant Clinic
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The operating doctor at getFUE hair Clinic in Antalya, Turkey is Dr. Ayhan Colak- one of the most respected specialists in the field of hair restoration in Turkey. With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Ayhan and his team are experts in Choi Implanter Pen (DHI) - hair transplantation method. The clinic itself is a certified full-service private clinic, which only performs hair transplants and minor dermatological procedures and treats patients from all around the world. Dr. Colak only operates on one to two patients daily, which means that his calendar is always busy.

getFUE and Dr. Ayhan consistently provide patients with the best service and patient experience among hair transplant clinics in Turkey. This clinic truly cares about patients and its reputation, and delivers some of the most impressive results among the competition. The clinic is a perfect choice for those who look for the highest quality procedure and personal service for a fraction of the price compared to the European clinics.